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Ridgewood cemetery aerial view

Our goal is to maintain the cemetery and keep its beautiful landscape and neat appearance. The following summary of the Rules and Regulations will allow us to do so. We ask that this information be shared with family members to offset any future confusion.

1. No lot may be enclosed including the “Flower Bed” area. “Flower Beds” will not be more than 12” from the front of the headstone. Permission must be granted to plant in the rear of headstone and, if allowed, cannot be more than 6” from the headstone.

2. No shrubs, trees, etc. are allowed.

3. Stand alone decorations are not permitted.  Statues fall under this category.

4. No artificial flowers, bushes, etc., are allowed under any circumstance. Silk flowers fall into this category. Pinwheels, balloons and trinkets are also not allowed.   

5. Rose bushes are not allowed anywhere in the Cemetery.

6. Eternal Lights and solar lights are not allowed anywhere in the Cemetery.

7. No headstone is allowed until the lot is paid in full and and a Deed has been assigned. This also applies to memorial plaques of any kind. 

8. Only one monument is allowed per lot.  This means no planters or statues next to monuments.

9. The Superintendent must approve all headstones. Permission to install will be denied if not pre-approved. No odd size, design or height is allowed without express approval.

10. We are “Carry in-Carry out” so please take your trash. 

11. No owners can sell their Lots. Lots must be sold back to the Cemetery at the original cost.

12. Walking of dogs is not allowed in the Cemetery.

13. Speed limit is 15 miles per hour within the Cemetery grounds.

14. Cemetery gates are closed dusk to dawn.

15. Please water newly seeded graves when possible. 

Foundation Size Limits

Single Grave: 2′ 6″ x 1′
Two Graves: 4′ x 1′ 2″
Three Graves: 5′ x 1′ 2″ or 1′ 4″
Four Graves: 5′ x 1′ 4″
Max. Base: 5′ x 14″
Max Height: 3′

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